Our Intent

An traditional rendezvous to inspire Self-change

Le Phare de Morillon is a natural beacon set in the inspiring and dreamy valley of Le Giffre in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps. It is surrounded by the beauty of the high mountains and an ancient glacial river valley. It is a quietly under-promoted gem with easy access through Geneva from the major cities of Europe. It is a uniquely flexible location which offers many options for vacations, courses and workshops.

This recently renovated 19th Century farmhouse is a place that quietly encourages individual Executives and groups to reconnect with their more natural rhythms and to explore what is really meaningful in their lives. Le Phare has been designed to be a reflective ‘home from home’ that can inspire Executives to explore their unfulfilled potential in whatever ways make most sense to them.

It is a place that allows time and space to explore answers to simple but important questions like:

  • ‘What do I really, really want to do with my future life?’
  • ‘What really, really makes me happy enough to laugh and smile much more?’
  • ‘What haven’t I done that I still really, really want to do?’

The Chalet

Le Phare de Morillon  has been a rendezvous for the people of Le Giffre valley in the French Alps across the last three centuries. It is a uniquely welcoming space where the people of the high mountains, local villagers and visitors to the Haute Savoie can share meals and inspiring conversations. After being derelict for a few years, the chalet has been renovated and re-energised by master craftsmen using traditional Haut Savoie carpentry skills merged with modern technologies. The natural oak and hard wood beams and wooden floors create a feeling of genuine warmth and belonging that extends throughout the four spacious floors.


Le Phare de Morillon is less than a one hour drive from Geneva airport. The small, traditional and unspoilt village of Morillon is the perfect backdrop with its quiet, homely atmosphere. Le Phare de Morillon is set among a river valley to explore, alpine mountains to trek, ski runs to master and energising effect of Haute Savoie traditions combined with  local produce and the ‘wow’ factor of beams carved by master craftsmen.

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