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Who should attend workshops at Le Phare?

The workshops at Le Phare de Morillon are designed to inspire and expand the latent potential through Self-inspired change. Typically, people attending these workshops will share a number of things in common: Usually over 35 years old and approaching or in what can be described as the ‘second half of life’ A nagging feeling that […]

Writing your first book

I like to think that there is a great and deeply personal book lurking inside everyone. The problem most people find is getting the time, the space and the encouragement to get that elusive first book out there. After all it takes quite a bit of courage to pull all those thoughts and feelings out […]

Renovating Le Phare de Morillon

One day in 2009 I went skiing from Morillon village with a good friend. As I walked from the car park to the telecabine I noticed a large farmhouse with a sign ‘A vendre’ or for sale. Little did I realise that most of the next decade of my life was going to be tied […]