Creating the evening yoga deck at Le Phare

After three years of renovation the garden areas around Le Phare de Morillon were looking like a building site. It is hard to renovate 800 square metres of space without leaving some debris. The problem was that it was too much debris.

We tried hard to create a new herb garden using the old beams from the renovated roof. It looked good but we didn’t really know what we were doing in this type of soil and climate.

Great ideas with little knowledge of local nature

The owner of the local garden centre mumbled something about the soil and the cold. We planted too early before the week of Saints de Glace or the ‘Ice Saints’. The cold spring weather struck as the local people knew that it would. I had just not been humble enough too ask for help and advice.

The challenges of mountain weather in spring time

It was time to find a new role for this part of the garden and to rescue the hardiest of the herbs. We found a new place for the herb garden and a new role for the western garden area. There was a lot to do and much to clear.

Plenty to salvage and to level for the deck

Many tonnes of concrete and wood later we had a structure on one level with gabion walls to allow vegetables and plants to grow. We filled the gabion walls from rocks taken from the house and garden.

New deck structure and gabion walls of recycled stones

The hard wood from Siberia arrived to create a perfect deck and evening yoga venue. A seven bamboo garden was planted to give cover to the south and to create a feeling of height and space.

The evening yoga deck ready for the yoga yurt

The deck was now ready for the yurt that would allow yoga and meditation classes in all types of weather.