Vision and Values

Our vision

A naturally energising ‘home from home’ set in the dreamy valley of Le Giffre

Natural Inspiration

Nature as the ultimate ‘gym’ for expanding your mind, body and spirit

Le Phare de Morillon is set in the abundant and powerful natural valley of Le Giffre in the Haut Savoie. In our Executive workshops we use this re-connection with nature to inspire our guests to expand in the ways that resonate with their individual needs. There is an abundance of outdoor activities in nature including riverside walks, trekking, cycling, skiing, visiting stunning waterfalls and observing wide mountain panoramas.

We encourage our guests to shake off the contractual cobwebs and restrictions of their everyday routines to expand through the experiences of world class Self-inspired change content and an unspoilt and re-energising Alpine Valley. The natural energies of the chalet and its surroundings can help guests to reflect on their priorities in life and to release more of their unfulfilled potential.

Over the last few years Le Phare de Morillon and its gardens have been gently and beautifully renovated to offer a unique space for personal reflection and expansion. The space includes a beautiful yoga and meditation room, a beamed workshop space with stunning mountain views and comfortable ensuite Executive bedrooms. The organic gardens offer discrete spaces to reconnect to the natural rhythms of life and to allow time for personal expansion.

Nature is reflected in the quality of the food, the air, the energy and the water of the Giffre valley. It is this natural connection that encourages Executives to find their way back to their true path in life when faced by the inevitable ‘Life-changing Turning Points’ that characterise all human lives.

Reconnecting to Yourself

A place to explore your unfulfilled potential through Self-Inspired change

Le Phare in French means the lighthouse. We see ourselves as a natural lighthouse that can help people who are experiencing ‘Life-changing Turning Points’ to see their unfulfilled potential and to expand into a life that is more meaningful for them. It was Eric Fromm who defined the meaning of life as being ‘the act of living it’. Our lighthouse offers workshops and personal coaching to support Executives in navigating their inevitable ‘Life-changing Turning Points’ more skillfully.

All modern Executives live in a overly busy world of challenging targets, tight deadlines and relentless pressure. There is often little time and space to reflect on ways for Executives to expand into their true potential. We recognise that every Executive is unique and has unique needs at any point in time.

Our approach to effective personal change is that it has to be Self-inspired with some expert support to guide Executives through the wisdom and ideas of many others who have gone before them. We have developed a large amount of world class wisdom to help Executives with their self-change processes and to help to re-optimise their life purpose, key relationships and natural well-being. Our workshops are designed to help participants to find the best ways to release their unfulfilled potential with an approach that resonates with unique individuals and their ‘Life-changing Turning Points’.

World Class courses & a collaborative community

An ongoing Self-Inspired change community

We have a wide selection of local and international experts to help our guests to get the most out of their visits and our course curriculum. There are three unique and re-energising 4-day ‘long weekend’ courses available at Le Phare de Morillon:

  • Releasing my Unfulfilled Potential
  • Improving my Key Relationships
  • Re-energising my Natural Well-being

In addition there are advanced international master classes for deeper dives into world class content and processes:

  • The 3D Infinite Enneagram for improving key relationships – using probably the most effective personality typing system to allow individuals to understand why they are unique. Working with Katherine Chernik and using the 3D Infinite Enneagram and unique insights into relationships processes to improve key relationships
  • Catalytic Constellations for improving key relationships – Using the wisdom of Hellinger style Catalytic Constellations to find non-linear solutions to complex relationship issues. Working with Stephen Victor to facilitate a unique approach to using Constellations and ‘fields’ to shifting complex personal issues
  • Exploring your relationship with Nature and Natural Earth Energies – Learning how to use high mountains to reconnect to nature and a new sense of connection to the Divine Feminine and masculine in all of us. Working with Layle Stephen-Anderson to learn how to dowse and map Natural Earth Energies through the sacred spaces of Le Phare de Morillon in the natural beauty of the French Alps.

In addition to our workshops and international master classes at Le Phare de Morillon there are three unique shared learning and reflection workshops that use alternative thinking and the natural beauty of Le Giffre valley to provide simple answers to complex questions:

  • Mindful Skiing in the Grand Massif – using the inspiration of nature and unique requirement for absolute presence whilst skiing in the high mountains to reconnect to Self and a new sense of natural well-being.
  • Le Giffre Camino of the Divine Feminine – an alternative Camino for those faced by Life-Changing Turning Points and difficult decisions in their lives. This 7 day self-directed opportunity for personal reflection involving the exploration of the seven paths through the inspiring spaces of Le Giffre valley.  This camino experience its very much based on exploring the Divine Feminine in the context of the masculine spirits of the mountains
  • Exploring Mindfulness in Non-Ordinary Realities – A 4-day mindfulness and meditation workshop in nature to explore and expand your understanding of Non-Ordinary Realities in ways that make sense for individuals. This workshop is an opportunity to explore questions that participants rarely feel free to ask and/or rarely receive useful answers.

Le Phare de Morillon is also available for customised Executive workshops and Business Planning sessions. These can be arranged on an individual basis to encourage management teams to solve complex business problems in an innovative and inspiring environment.

At Le Phare de Morillon we believe in developing a local and international community based on collaboration and the sharing of world class insights into successful Self-inspired change. We encourage positive interactions between workshop participants and with the local community. Alumni of workshops at Le Phare de Morillon have access to the wide range of Self-inspired change books, materials and best practices processes that have been specially developed at this workshop centre.

Re-energising Naturally

Boosting health through the power of nature and knowledge

Le Phare de Morillon is set in an unspoilt mountain valley with fresh air, clean water and access to plenty of natural foods. Alongside good sleep, exercise and sports like skiing, walking  and yoga this is the perfect way to re-energise your mind, body and immune system. Our guests are often surprised how much they sleep in the mountains as they learn to relax and tune into the rhythms of a more natural way of life.

Sharing Knowledge

We believe in sharing ‘World Class’ knowledge and ideas

Le Phare is a place of shared learning rather than teachers. It is a place where individual participants are encouraged to find their own path and to share their knowledge as a core part of the learning process. We actively encourage the re-integration into lifestyles of often ancient wisdoms that are freely available but often get lost through the daily pressures of life.

Natural food and meals

We love serving natural and nutritious food and drink

We know that the best way to improve a sense of personal well-being is to provide our guests with pure air, naturally healthy food options, fresh local water and good wine for those who enjoy it. The mountains and river of an unspoilt Alpine valley are the perfect place to learn about smart ways to integrate this well-being into a busy Executive lifestyle.

Natural eco-friendly gardens

We care for the beauty of our environment

Recycling, earth-friendly cleaning products, mindful energy use and permaculture gardens are our way of caring for our surroundings. Events held here follow similar environmentally friendly practices. Allowing guests to reconnect with nature through the medium of an organic garden and permaculture.

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