Who should attend workshops at Le Phare?

The opportunity of the second half of life

The workshops at Le Phare de Morillon are designed to inspire and expand the latent potential through Self-inspired change. Typically, people attending these workshops will share a number of things in common:

  • Usually over 35 years old and approaching or in what can be described as the ‘second half of life’
  • A nagging feeling that there is an unfulfilled potential in their current life and a growing desire to create a more meaningful and fulfilling rest of their life
  • A sense of being at a ‘Life-changing Turning Point’ in life and a desire for personal and Self-inspired change to reflect their need for individual uniqueness
  • A genuine curiosity to explore what the wisdom about ‘the meaningful life’, relationships and personal well-being means for them as an individual
  • A desire to expand oneself by tapping into the energy and power of nature
  • A desire to understand personal motivations as well as the real motivations behind the behaviour of others
  • A desire to explore these things in a small group setting with like-minded people in a comfortable and inspiring environment.